Edu SpeedTrap is a software program which calculates typing speed at school level. It can detect most types of typing errors. Margin of error is extremely small. Used 2010 - 2012 to mark grade 12 speed tests. For additional feedback, contact ms E Scheepers (FS moderator) 0729434281.


Edu SpeedTrap STANDARD (10 MB)  This original version can be used to mark one speed test at a time. Takes aprox 1 - 2 minutes per speed test.

Latest: 2014 version: Click here to download.  Please save the Afrikaans memo as "Bron.rtf "and the English memo as "Source.rtf" in the working directory.

Remember that speed tests must be saved in RTF format.

Other Downloads
Free utility (11 MB) to convert .DOC-, .DOCX- and .ODT files to RTF files.

Email  for any questions or comments


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